Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006

So, I think I am finally figuring this blog/web site mess out (I think). I have come to the conclusion that my generation was robbed! Where were personal computers and cell phones when I was growing up! I can just imagine the fun I would have had as a teenager with the technical toys that kids have today. Yes, I realize that it has taken me two weeks to finally post another message, but it's not like I was taught computer stuff last year in High School (not to mention the demanding job of entertaining two children during the longest first few weeks of summer vacation). Finally, camp has started for us here in Colorado, and the children have something to do again. I'M FREE! I'M FREE! Actually, it's very quiet, almost spooky.

I went shopping yesterday and (though I have been very good about not buying any patterns or books over the last few months) bought the sixth book, in only two weeks, on knitting. I don't know what happened. I guess they just hadn't come out with anything exciting for a while, or maybe it was because I have been purposely avoiding places that sell knitting books. Anyway, so now I am trying desperately to hide my sins by racing to the mail box each day so that my husband doesn't discover what I have done with his hard earned money. And, as they show up, I have to find a spot on my "already over-weighted, stuffed" bookshelf to hide the book so that it just blends in with the rest. I am so naughty!!! Wait until my yarn order gets here! It's a good thing my storage shed is really cluttered right now, he'll never notice the two extra boxes of yarn. Ok, so back to this book I bought yesterday. It is "Yarn Harlot-the secret life of a kniitter". If you haven't heard of Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee and read her blog or books yet, rush out right now and buy one!!! This is my first book by her and I am still giggling over just the introduction to the book. I can't seem to put it down either. I swear, she truly knows the inner mind of a knitter and yarn addict. She is the Erma Bombeck and Patrick McManus of knitting and yarn experiences. If you want a small taste of what the book is like I recommend visiting her blog site www.yarnharlot.ca. to sample some of her writting talents.

Another book that I purchased, that showed up yesterday while my husband was at work (thankfully), is the "Vogue Knitting Ponchos On the Go!". If you are in to knitting ponchos, and I don't know a knitter that isn't right now, this is a great collection of patterns. The patterns are anywhere from simple to challenging, and all are beautiful. I love it when a book is FULL of patterns that make me want to sit down and knit every item featured at least once. So, if you haven't added this book to your library yet, I recommend picking one up soon.

Well, only a few more books to find hiding spots for as they show up and I will be in the safe zone once again. As I explore the books I will post my reviews here. So stay tuned.

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