Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I have had several people ask about the name "The Twisted Hare" so I thought perhaps an explanation was in order. For as many years as I can remember I have had an incurable habit of twisting my hair. Whether it has been long or short, the hair right at the base of my neck, preferably on the left side, has suffered hours of twisting. Of course, learning to spin yarn was a snap! After all, I had been "spinning" my hair for YEARS! The Hare part is because I love rabbits. I raised angoras for eight years and miss having them. Some day I intend to have one or two again. I put a picture on the last post of Blueberry. He is from one of my does first litters. The person that purchased him sent me this picture of him at the ARBA where he won "Best of Breed" in the French Angora division. I think he deserved it!!! He is beautiful.

So, now you know.

I decided to try lace knitting the other day. It is going well so far. However, I probably will still be working on the project 10 years from now. It certainly isn't a technique for those looking for instant gratification. I intend to post a picture of it as soon as there is something worth seeing. Right now it just looks like a bunch of knotted yarn. It is out of some of the most divine yarn (100% alpaca).

I am still working on the web site. I will have my hemp yarn in sometime this week so stay tuned. Hopefully, the site will be up and running by next week.

Happy knitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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