Thursday, April 01, 2010

Yarn is so PICKY!

So, last month I started designing the sock pattern for the March Sockamania KAL.  I had all of these really great ideas:  cute, bright colored Easter eggs, a nice plain background, etc. 

  • I dyed up some bright colored yarn, dried it, rolled it up for a nice center-pull ball, and began knitting my idea that was in my head. 
  • Only a few rows in, I decided (or rather the yarn decided) I did not like the "eggs" design I was knitting. 
  • Ripped it back and re-vamped my egg design. 
  • Again, ewww icky! 
  • One more time
  • Decided it was the color of the yarn. 
  • Back to the dye pots with a new idea for the color combination.  The yellow turned out orange--not happy, but will work with the bright pink that was supposed to be pale pink. 
  • More egg knitting.
  • WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!! (What's wrong with this yarn!)
  • Ripped it all out.
  • Avoided knitting for three days while I tried to calm down and re-think the entire design idea.
  • Threw the entire "Easter Egg" idea out the window and focused on just "Spring".
  • Started knitting again.  
  • Got to the heel and thought, "Wouldn't it be cute if I did an I-cord tie!"
  • Ripping out again.
  • Finally decided on the I-cord tie and found a cute lacey/flower bud looking design and finished the sock in no time.
  • I still hate the yarn color!  And since when does yarn decide what to knit it into?  What was wrong with Easter Eggs? 



Without being bias, I love the colour orange and subsequently think your socks are very cool.

The heel looks amazing.

Hege said...

I love the April sock design.
I've casted on for a few socks where the yarn haven't been right. So I guess some yarn isn't meant for some patterns ;)

Have a great weekend!

Hege said...

The Easter egg is made of paper and we can buy it in the grocery stores here. But I found a online store, scroll a bit down ;)

Eggs like these have been an Eater thing here in Norway since I was a kid. I remember I had a big egg covered in some shiny pink paper with a bow :)