Tuesday, March 09, 2010

PMS or Silly Knitter Syndrome

I don't know what is wrong with me the last couple of days, but I seem to be awfully "weepy".  I was reading Elizabeth Zimmermann's book "The Opinionated Knitter" and started crying because she passed away back in 1999.  I knew that already.  In fact I am plenty old enough to remember clearly when it was announced.  So what was I doing yesterday crying over it 11 years later?  She was THE most awesome Knitter ever!  She slapped a whole generation in the face and said, "Stop being a bunch of sheep and think for yourselves!"  There should be some kind of sculpture, statue, or monument built of her somewhere honoring what she did for knitters, maybe even just "plain people", everywhere--who knows how many non-knitters out there have her to thank for their marriages, lack of therapy bills for their spouse, lovely knitwear that keeps them warm and comfortable each winter, etc, etc.  What an amazing person!

Ok, so that's not all.  I found myself in tears again as I gazed at the most beautiful sweater I've ever seen.  The Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearle McFee) made a sweater from a Dale of Norway Pattern called Whistler.  I honestly think I have never seen a more breath-taking sweater.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Go see it!!  She posted about it on March 3rd.  I must have one!  In fact, as a result of seeing it on her blog the other day, I went and bought some yarn to make me something similar.  I haven't made too many sweaters in my knitting career so I won't start with something that detailed, but I plan to make something very Scandivian!  (Unfortunately some other projects will become UFO's because I feel very obsessed with knitting this sweater right now.)

Speaking of obsessed, I am in the process of making my third, yes I said THIRD, Trinity shawl.  I just can't get enough!  They are so much fun to make.  This one will be for my grandma's birthday.  I will get some pictures taken and post them later.  I wonder how many of them I am going to make before I burn out on them?  I don't usually make the same pattern over and over just to see what it looks like in different colors.  I think I've even thought up a way to make it into a circular shawl.  We'll see if I remain obsessed enough with it to try that out.

Happy knitting!


Carol VR said...

I not a member of the site your shawl pattern is from. Can it be copied and pasted to email?

As for the comment regarding the salmon recipe... it was delish and that's saying something coming from a family who generally doesn't eat fish.

Tama said...

You don't need to be a member of the site. Just click where it say's "click here" in the previous post about the shawl. It takes you to Anni's blog. From there you just click on the side bar picture of the shawl she made and it takes you to the site where you can download the PDF.

Can't wait to try the recipe!


I did manage to get the pattern...thanx.

Off to get some well deserved sleep... 26 cadets and 3+ days of none stop go, go, go leads to mere exhaustion.


I too LOVE cauliflower, however this is NOT the way to eat it....ewwww.