Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ok, Here's the Pictures!

I said there would be pictures when I had time so today somewhere between laundry, vaccuming, dishes, re-potting a huge plant (see Mrs. Know-It for details tomorrow), going to a movie, and shopping I managed to take these:This is the front of the swimsuit top I crocheted. I haven't had time to start the bottoms yet, but soon!This is the back. Its hard to tell, but it laces up and ties at the bottom. SUPER CUTE when it's on!This is a closer picture of the lacing and you can see it a little better.These are the "crew'' length socks for HoneyBunny that are well on their way to being done.And I don't know if I mentioned these, but I started this pair of socks for me out of the yarn I got in a yarn swap with Hege. I took the Jaywalkers pattern and modified it a little bit and then started them as a toe up sock. I do like the results so far!! I did a toe up version because I didn't want to waste one little bit of this gorgeous yarn.

I don't recall if I mentioned this either, but I made this for a special order I received from my etsy store. It is a laptop case that features embroidered flowers and branches like the picture that the lady who ordered it had painted. (did that make sense?) She sent me a picture of one of her original paintings and asked if I could somehow put it on a laptop case--Yes! I sure can. I dyed some worsted weight wool then knit the bag, felted it, sewed a zipper in the top, then finished it off with the embroidery. She totally loves it--I really liked it too! It fit my computer perfectly.

So, there they are! And yes, I have been very busy this month so far and it is only about half over!

Hope you all are having a great weekend! As always, Happy Knitting!


Awesome Mom said...

You are one crafty gal. I love that laptop case, if only I had a laptop lol!

On my recent LYS trip I ended up chatting with someone about the Jaywalker pattern. It looks really nice with that yarn! I am pondering if I want to try it with my new yarn or not. It looks like it would be really nice with variegated yarn.

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Carol Van Rooy said...

HEy it's me. Thought I'd pass along a great giveaway on a cone of yarn.

Here is the link:

Fiber Chic said...

The green socks look beautiful!

Carol Van Rooy said...

You've been tagged!!!

Anni said...

Cool bag. Love all the other knits. The Jaywalker socks look really cool and great crochet top. Wonder what it'll be like in the water?

Thanks for tagging me.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

These are all lovely. I wish I had the money to commision you to do several things for me. The lace up on that swimsuit top is so fun.