Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's Try This Again!

After yesterdays disaster--my post disappeared somehow--it was too late to write the entire thing over so I am going to try to get it on here today. Unfortunately all of that great humor and fun stuff is gone so I will just have to do what I can to re-create it.

I have obtained a job. Yeah. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with yarn, knitting, or fiber so as you can guess--it's just a job. I am working full time and if I was to design the perfect job--that has nothing to do with the love of my life (not counting HoneyBunny of course)--it would be this job. Great benefits, salary, etc, etc. I am really happy I got this one, the alternative was awful! So, now I just have to find time for what I really love to do--pet yarn and knit. I'm sure I will figure something out. What is really difficult so far is trying to maintain my store--which is about a four hour a day job--and work at my new job--which is a nine hour a day job counting lunch but not drive time to and from work. I plan to be really tired all week and not have any "ME" time.

Next--WIP's. I have been crocheting a swimsuit for The Daughter. Now I know what you are thinking--EUWWWW! No! This one is soooooo cute you won't believe it. (I will post pictures as soon as I am done and have time to take the pictures). I am making it out of the beautiful turquoise cotton (called Piper) from Dale of Norway. You can see the yarn in my store here. I have the top completely finished--which is really the hard part because of all of the adjustments that I have to make so that it fits her (if you have seen her you know what I am talking about!). I hope to have the bottoms done this weekend so hopefully there will be pictures by this time next week. I am using a bikini pattern from "Sexy Knits" as a loose reference or just an idea to work from. It really is turning out fantastic!

And finally, HoneyBunny (better known as The Boring Sock Lover) has ordered at least 4 pair of "crew" length socks for his new summer work boots. So, after locating all of the odds, ends, and leftovers of several years worth of sock yarns I am well on my way to having the first pair done. Some of the leftover yarns are from fourteen years ago when I lived in Washington State!!! It brings back very fond memories of knitting for 6-10 hours a day and playing with my baby daughter (sigh)........Anyway, again, as soon as I get time there will be pictures of them.

So, that's about all of what got lost yesterday. I am REALLY missing my old schedule--get up, get husband to work, kids to school, sit down (in pj's) at computer with breakfast, visit bloggy friends, write in blog, look at knitting patterns, take some pictures, process etsy orders, get showered and dressed sometime around noon, eat lunch and read more blogs, go to post office, knit, talk on the phone, pick up kids from school, start dinner, pretend that I have worked super hard all day for HoneyBunny, eat dinner, knit, knit somemore, and go to bed after some reading and knitting. Maybe again someday..........

Happy Knitting! Even if I am not here as often I am still thinking about all of you!


Carol Van Rooy said...

CONGRATS on the new job. What is it doing???

As for the socks for hubby. Won't he sweat (pee you) in the summer wearing knit work socks?!?

Awesome Mom said...

Woo hoo for a job! I am sure that you will be able to sneak in some knitting time here and there.

Hege said...

I'm so happy you found a job!!
But I know what you mean that you miss your old schedule.
I love being home with my kids, but I do miss grown-ups to talk with now and then. But I'm so happy that i don't have to drag the kids out of bed, rush them to eat breakfast and then off to school/kindergarden.
These years go so fast and I know I will treasure it when the kids grow up!

Hope you'll find time for some knitting!

Tama said...

Carol--actually, my hand knit socks are quite thin, wool or wool blend and keep his feet from being smelly. Cotton socks + hot summer days = Peeeee Youuuuuu! My hand knit socks keep you feet nice and dry.

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