Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Ya!

My daughter has been watching videos on Yahoo! of songs that were my favorites at her age. Adam Ant, Missing Persons, Real Life, ABC, OMD, etc. (She thinks she has found a whole new genre of music). Anyway, so when I went to title this post the song, "Lies, Lies, Lies" from Thompson Twins was playing in my head. I combined it with the idea that I am going to talk about yarn today and......viola! the title.

Remember the partially spun "Sedona" from the last post? Well, here it is all done!

I don't know what I am going to make with it yet.

**Note** I rarely spin fiber into yarn with any particular purpose in mind. Crazy, I know. I just like yarn and I really believe that it is good just the way it is. Sometimes it takes years for a beautiful handspun yarn to "find itself" and its "purpose in life".

I am sure something will come along some day for it to become, but for now it is happy being what it is--really pretty, shiney yarn living in my "special yarn" stash.

Yesterday while I was out entertaining children out of school for "Spring Break" (it was only the second day of the break and I was already frazzled and exhausted) my order from Dale of Norway showed up. Two large boxes of LOVELY yarn. (I will post some pictures on here a little later today). I am SOOOOO excited to be carrying this yarn. I have used one or two of their yarns in the past and like it. However, the LYS's that I shopped at either didn't know that Dale of Norway had a full line of yarns, or they didn't have good taste. (Good chance of the later). I found some very exciting yarns that I can't wait to show the world!! They don't do just wool! Svale is a cotton/silk/viscose that will make the most beautiful shawls and summer sweaters in the world!

and an egyptian cotton that puts the "King Tut" brand to shame! Not to mention a true white (not off-white or creamy white) machine washable wool, sock weight yarn! Yes, that is 100%, machine washable, MERINO wool in WHITE sock (fingering) weight yarn. Lovely isn't it? I can't wait to try my hand at dying some of it! The colors should come out much brighter and vibrant than when you use off-white or cream colored yarn for your base.

They have a new yarn that I wanted to get, but it's a worsted weight yarn and since Spring and Summer is just around the corner I am going to wait until July or August to order some. It is a wool/cashmere/microfiber/alpaca/viscose blend called Harlequin. MMmmmmm! just beautiful! And all of the different yarns come in just about every color you can possibly imagine, including neon!

Of course here is one of my favorites: "Falk"--superwash, DK weight, wool that comes in every color and shade on the planet.

All right, now I am off to go get it all out and get some pictures. (And pet all of my new yarn). All of the yarn is now pictured and posted here! Watch for it to come up for sale in my etsy store tomorrow.


AfternoonMoon said...

Oh, I saw that and immediately thought of a button band for a sweater that i am thinking of. Just a little something to add in a bit of color. Gorgeous handspun!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Yeah, my kids think I'm so cool because I already know all the words to every Beatles song. I'm hoping they never find out how old the Beatles are =)

Awesome Mom said...

Girl you are going to knock me off the wagon before I can even get on. I had thought I might go on a bit of a yarn diet before the move and just use what is in my stash, but now I am not sure that I can even make it with all the things you are putting in your store. I am going to have to drop hints with my mom and husband about birthday presents.

Fiber Chic said...

The Falk Dalegarn looks yummy!

Hege said...

The Svale yarn is lovely!

Have a great weekend!

Anni said...

gorgeous yarn and it must be good since it's Norwegian. Heja Norge!

Tama said...

Anni--You know it!