Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Getting to know me, getting to know all about me"

I have now been tagged by Awesome Mom--I think she is just paying me back for tagging her. This one is more difficult because I need to link to a bunch of blogs I have written. So we are about to see how creative I can be with my computer in order to accomplish this.

1. While sitting on my "pity pot" for all the world to see, I wrote a lot about my family. I am not prone to this type of post, but it certainly gives a reader an idea of why I knit SOOOOOO much.

2. What are friends for anyway if they can't help you find more patterns than you could EVER possibly knit. They can be great enablers when you share an addiction to yarn, patterns, or fiber!

3. It isn't a secret that I have more UFO's and WIP's than are really necessary. I do it so that I don't ever get bored with what I am working on and so that I always have the perfect project for whatever I am doing in addition to knitting--riding in the car, waiting at the doctor's office, watching a movie, cooking dinner, etc.

4. Well this one is just silly! I am supposed to link to something I love. DUH! that's like my whole blog! Knitting, HoneyBunny, anything to do with rocks, knitting socks, yarn, fiber, Halloween--pretty much in that order.

5. Anything......with lots of pretty pictures.

Now I am off to tag five others!!

PS: I am still making yarn--pictures next time.


Awesome Mom said...

Of course I am paying you back for tagging me! That is the fun of memes. I loved reading the posts that you picked. I had no idea you were so obsessed with Halloween.

Tama said...

Not really obsessed. I just think it is so much fun! I love playing dress-up--what can I say. I really blame my mother. She always made Halloween so much fun and the other holidays were just....another holiday.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Yay! Being new to your blog it was so fun to read some of your older posts. I LOVE that you guys get freaked out by your own grim reaper decoration (I scare myself with my own falling spider multiple times every year). How are things going with the whole pitty pot? I can't believe what your family has had to deal with.

Tama said...

Ice Cream--HoneyBunny got his surgery with the help of several miracles and is doing better than ever! I still can't find a job and have thrown myself into trying to make a "go" of my etsy store. My oldest son called me for the first time in two years to let me know he got his mission call. And the teenage daughter...well she is still a teenager after all.

Awesome Mom said...

Where is he going on his mission?

Tama said...

Mexico City.

Awesome Mom said...

That is where my husband's eldest brother went on his mission.