Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Let It Snow!

It finally got cold enough here in the valley to snow. It started last night and has snowed almost all day today. Unfortunately, it is melting pretty fast, but here is a picture of it this afternoon. I love snow. I really should live somewhere where it snows more often and stays for the winter.

Saturday we went up into the mountains and took the kids sledding. It was alot of fun! The kids wanted to go on Sunday again, but it was blizzarding in the mountains.

Here are pictures of the Christmas gifts that I finished over the weekend.

These are for the Son. He insists on wearing his socks inside and outside--without shoes. As a result, he wears out his socks too fast. I thought that maybe these would be soft like socks, but he could wear them outside too. (I will sew a leather sole onto the bottoms when he opens them). I love this pattern, it is so easy and the boots are warm and wonderful to wear.

TA-DA! I finally got over the SMS and made the other mitten! The thumb on these mittens are THE BIGGEST PAIN! I have to admit it though, the second mitten went REALLY fast. These will be a fun surprise for my friend for Christmas. I made mittens and a hat and some fingerless gloves for her kids and husband as well.

So, now I am off to finish HoneyBunny's socks and hopefully my December Sockamania socks.

Happy Knitting!


Hege said...

If I could I would send you some of our snow ;) But it looks like it is going to rain away here too before christmas... :(

Love your mittens!

Fiber Chic said...

The mittens look great, as well as the slipper/socks!

Anni said...

Love the mittens. they're gorgeous. That snow is making me homesick. Although there is no snow in Norway where my parents live right now.

Hege said...

i wish you and your family a happy holiday!!