Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

HoneyBunny invited me to go for a ride with him today for work. I love to go with him when ever I get the opportunity. I get to knit and sight see, and nothing pleases him more than to have me along for company when he is driving all day.

This is what the mouth of the canyon looks like that we drove through. Huge granite cliffs topped by red sandstone, lots of pinion pine trees and sage brush. This is my favorite canyon in the world!

This is the house that they are paving the driveway for. We decided that it is a log mansion, not cabin. It is absolutely beautiful!
The house sits at the bottom of this amazing little valley.

More of the view of the canyon drive.

I had a wonderful time and took a bunch of pictures of all of the fall colors. I love this canyon!

Ok. So, here are this weeks WIP's. This is a sock that I fully intend to finish in the next few weeks. I actually started it last winter and somehow it got shoved to the bottom of the UFO pile. It resurfaced when I finished those two black hole projects. So, now it has been promoted from UFO to WIP.
This is the Turkish sock that I have been working on--and off-- for the last couple of months. I absolutely love it and wish I had nothing to do but work on it until it was finished. Unfortunately, the daughter's afghan has sucked up a huge chunk of my knitting time. I am half way finished with it now. I may have it done before Christmas after all. For now it remains a WIP.

There you have it. I have decorated for Halloween and will post the pictures next time with pictures of my progress on the October Sockamania sock.
Happy Knitting!

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Hege said...

Great pattern on those Turkish sock :) And what a great view you had on your drive! Would love to have a "cabin" like that :)
Have agreat weekend! And I'll try to get your package on the way tomorrow :)