Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You know you have knit too many socks when...

1. Every member of your family wears hand knit socks. (Made by you of course)
2. The immediate family has only hand knit socks in their drawers.
3. All of your friends wear hand knit socks and expect you to give them more on their special days (b-day, Christmas or other December celebrations--Solstice etc, mother's day, their anniversary, etc.)
4. Your children's teachers have at least one pair of your hand knit socks.
5. Your pet's veterinarian has at least one pair of your hand knit socks.
6. Various aquaintances, such as the postman, bus driver, cashier at the grocery store, etc, all have at least one pair of your hand knit socks.
7. People you knew when you lived in another state 10 years ago still call and order more hand knit socks.
8. People you work with have at least one pair of your hand knit socks.
9. When trying to decide what to give someone who has everything you always end up giving them a pair of your hand knit socks.

Yes! I have made literally hundreds of pairs of socks in the last 13 years. I honestly quit counting when I got to 150 pairs. I have knit everything from the dull and mundane to a pair of turkish socks that used 12 different colors. I give them away or sell them.

I alway warn anyone that expresses an interest in the socks I have on, "once you wear a pair of hand knit socks you will want more and eventually only own hand knit socks"!!!!

I can't wait! I have enough sock yarn on order right now to make 25 new pairs! It should be here this week. Heaven knows I need to make a few more pair!

Happy knitting!!ALWAYS!!!


Anni said...

And I thought I was bad. I've only been sock knitting for a year.

Tama said...

It is so adictive!!! Especially when the yarn companies came out with that automatic color changing yarn. I make about 16 to 20 pairs of socks a year just out of that silly stuff. (I like to watch the pattern unfold--it's magic!)