Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Starting this month I will post a "Pattern of the Month". These are all original designs and you are welcome to use them. However, if you start making a lot of money off of what you make with them I want a percentage!!!! Have fun with the patterns and look for a new one each month.

This months pattern is what I titled "The Ultimate Sock Pattern". With this pattern you can make any sock using yarns from sock weight to worsted weight. I made this pattern up when I was teaching sock classes for a local yarn shop. What is so great is that all you have to do is add in your own patterns or colors and follow the instructions. I love to use this pattern for making the socks from the yarn that makes its own designs as you knit such as the Knit Picks yarns "Simple Stripes", "Dancing", or "Parade". (See the links section on this page for a link to the Knit Picks web site).

So, what are you waiting for...get knitting!


Size: Average adult

Materials: Two skeins of sock weight, (sport weight, or worsted weight) yarn. If working a heel you will need a small amount of contrasting waste yarn.

Needles: One set of 5 dpn in size 2 (size 4, size 6) and a tapestry needle

Guage: 16 sts = 2 inches, (12 sts = 2 inches, 10 sts = 2 inches).

***Note: the changes for using larger dpn and heavier yarn are in parenthesis.***

Leg: CO 64 (56, 48) sts. Divide evenly onto 4 needles and join into the round. Work 2 inches of 1x1 rib. Change to stockinette stitch (st st) and work leg until it measures 8 inches from the cast on edge.

**Work heel if desired. Not working the heel simply results in a tube sock.**

Heel: Using the contrasting waste yarn, knit across next 32 (28, 24) sts. Using main yarn again, knit across remaining sts.

Foot: Continue working in the round with the main yarn until 2 1/2 inches from the desired finished length (measure from the center of the ankle-bone to the tip of the longest toe and subtract 2 1/2 inches from that measurement).

Shape toe: Round 1: needle 1--knit 1, ssk, knit across remaining sts and across all sts on needle 2 to last 3 sts. K2tog, k 1. Needle 3--Knit 1, ssk, knit across remaining sts and all of sts on needle 4 to last 3 sts. K2tog, k 1.

Round 2: Knit all sts even.

Work these two rounds until 24 (20, 16) sts remain. Place sts from needles 1 and 2 onto one needle and sts from needles 3 and 4 onto another needle. Graft toe sts together. If working the heel, continue with the next step. Otherwise, finish by weaving in all loose ends.

Heel finishing: Carefully remove waste yarn and place all "live" sts onto 4 needles (make sure sides of heel and sides of the toe on your sock match or the sock will be twisted). Working in rounds and st st work 4 (2, 1) round(s) even. Heel shaping is worked the same as the toe shaping. Work these two rounds until 28 (24, 20) sts remain. Place sts on needles the same as for toe shaping and graft sts together. Finish by weaving in loose ends.

HAPPY KNITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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