Thursday, March 01, 2007

Remember my comment about making some socks with a certain percentage of angora fiber in the yarn? Well, I made two pair. Unfortunately, I didn't get to keep either pair and the yarn that I had spun up to make another pair sold before I could even finish spinning it. However, my husband (who stole the first pair I made) thinks that the angora blend socks are by far the NICEST pair of socks he has ever put a foot in. "Not only are they extremely soft, but they are extremely warm even when it is very cold outside," I believe were his exact words. He has put in a personal request for several more pairs before next winter by telling me things like, "If you really loved me you would have enough made for me next year so that I would have a pair to wear everyday." Then he thought he would sweeten the deal with, "If I had a pair for each day of the week you wouldn't need to wash laundry everyday...just think of how much time that would save you." He's always so thoughtful.

So the socks are definitely nicer than just wool, as I hypothesized would be the case. I plan to do several more experiments in the future since Colorado can't seem to get out of the deep freeze yet.

Happy knitting!!

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