Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On and Off the Needles

To start it off I thought I would show you the latest FO.  I've been knitting like crazy lately--unfortunately also STARTING a lot of knitting project lately.  I have at least 10 new projects I've started the past two weeks :/  I hate start-itis!  I love finish-itis, but it doesn't happen as often as start-itis.

My daughter is due to have her first baby in August so ya, you guessed it!  Baby knitting projects galore! Just finished this one last night.

It was SO easy and quick to make.  The booties, of course, only took about an hour.  The sweater only took about 4 or 5 hours.  I love the yarn and the pattern was WONDERFUL.  Both are free patterns from Ravelry.  I did some modifications to the booties to make them a little more girlish.  The yarn is some hand painted worsted weight wool/alpaca blend yarn I picked up from WEBS a year or two ago.  Made both the sweater and booties from one skein (219 yards).

The project that is still on the needles but has to be done by Monday are these socks I designed for my niece who is turning 11 next week.  I hope she likes them.  They are quite colorful!

These have been WAY fun to make!!!  I will try to get a pattern written up and listed on Ravelry, Craftsy, and in my etsy store sometime in the next few weeks.  So if you are interested in making a pair check those locations in the coming weeks.  

Of course there are quite a few other projects still on the needles, but there isn't time and space for ALL of them :)

My health situation has improved.  Pretty sure it was ulcers that had gone way to far and were giving me all sorts of esophagus and stomach problems.  The pain was off the chart causing my blood pressure to sky rocket.  A very boring diet and lots of ulcer medication has made a big difference.  Can't wait to go back to eating real food!!!!

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