Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is is Spring Yet?

Mother Nature is playing tricks on us here.  One day it's gorgeous and in the 60's the next day it's snowing, blowing and in the 20's and 30's.  I don't know whether to wear my sweater or light t-shirt to work every day.  Either way, it seems like I end up too hot or too cold.

Work is getting busier and busier everyday.  Building up to that "busiest week/month of the year" for us fireworks people.  Seems like everyday there is so much to do that I am starting to have to stay later and later for work.  Which is good, because then the day goes by faster.

I finished my "very special shawl" a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had time to post about it.  So, finally here it is:
It's my hand spun satin angora and bombyx silk blend yarn. It is incredibly soft and warm.  I absolutely love it!  I feel like I have achieved Knitters bliss with this one.  I believe it is the most beautiful thing I have created, plus my precious bunny Copper can be with me everyday now. ( He died of old age several years ago and I miss him very much.)

Anyway, just wanted to get a post in before the entire month was gone.  I am working frantically to get the June Sockamania pattern done right now.  With work being busy and the type of sock I designed it has not gone as quickly as some patterns have in the past.  It is a gorgeous sock!  I'll post pictures of it next time.

Happy Knitting 

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Yarn is so PICKY!

So, last month I started designing the sock pattern for the March Sockamania KAL.  I had all of these really great ideas:  cute, bright colored Easter eggs, a nice plain background, etc. 

  • I dyed up some bright colored yarn, dried it, rolled it up for a nice center-pull ball, and began knitting my idea that was in my head. 
  • Only a few rows in, I decided (or rather the yarn decided) I did not like the "eggs" design I was knitting. 
  • Ripped it back and re-vamped my egg design. 
  • Again, ewww icky! 
  • One more time
  • Decided it was the color of the yarn. 
  • Back to the dye pots with a new idea for the color combination.  The yellow turned out orange--not happy, but will work with the bright pink that was supposed to be pale pink. 
  • More egg knitting.
  • WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!! (What's wrong with this yarn!)
  • Ripped it all out.
  • Avoided knitting for three days while I tried to calm down and re-think the entire design idea.
  • Threw the entire "Easter Egg" idea out the window and focused on just "Spring".
  • Started knitting again.  
  • Got to the heel and thought, "Wouldn't it be cute if I did an I-cord tie!"
  • Ripping out again.
  • Finally decided on the I-cord tie and found a cute lacey/flower bud looking design and finished the sock in no time.
  • I still hate the yarn color!  And since when does yarn decide what to knit it into?  What was wrong with Easter Eggs?