Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Newest FO's and Prizes!

And you thought I was busy at work or on vacation or something! No, I have been knitting instead of blogging the last two weeks.

I became completely obsessed with this pair of socks. After making three pairs of boring socks for HoneyBunny I found myself knitting these without even realizing that there was nothing boring about them. I had originally started them to become another boring pair of summer socks for him, using left-overs again.

However, after working the double braided rib I suddenly found myself making these cute little "picket fence/window pane" designs. I then thought an inserted heel with a little "picket fence" detail around the edges of it would be really fun. I was running out of the white and still had tons of the "Desert Sunflower" yarn so I figured that I would do one more "picket fence" and end the sock with the multi-colored yarn.

Needless to say, they are not for HoneyBunny. They are for ME! I really love them! He just thinks they are "cute".

This is the pair that I made for the Sockamania Club this month. I have missed making a sock for it for the last two months. I just didn't have time for some reason. Both pairs are UFO's at this point.

Anyway, I used ToFutsies from Southwest Trading Co. and increased the cuff at the top by 30 rows. I like a nice 8 to 9 inch leg on my socks. In fact, if the deadline hadn't been Thursday I would have made them even longer. I absolutely love the color! and the heel design was very clever!

This is the prize I won for making a pair of socks each month of the SAMKAL over the past six months. Two skeins of beautiful sock yarn, stitch markers, a sock pattern by "Cookie", and this gorgeous knitting bag that was hand made using fabric I got to pick out. I was very excited!

I love getting presents! I am looking forward to knitting up the sock pattern. I really like all of Cookies patterns. She is an amazing sock designer!

I am almost finished with my Turkish socks!!! I am so excited!! And I found the most adorable cotton, summer cardigan/jacket/top thing. It is an additional pattern for the Summer online magazine. I am completely obsessed!! (I am also half done with the back already! and I only started it yesterday.) It is so cute that I am planning to make several for myself in various colors and then one for every female family member, and my dearest friends!! It is so cute, I think that every woman on the planet should have one. (Yes, you can see the obsession clearly at this point). I will post pictures of mine when it is finished, in the mean time click on the link above so you can see how cute the original one is and get the pattern for yourself!

That wraps it up! Happy Knitting!


Awesome Mom said...

Those are super neat socks and I love that cardigan pattern. I really need to make something big for me. I can do socks but I am worried that I will run out of motivation with something bigger.

Hege said...

Great socks!
And lucky you winning such great things. Can't wait to see you knit up that Cookie pattern!

Carol VR said...

Gotta amit, I too woul of scooped those socks up for my own.


Fiber Chic said...

Your first pair looks fantastic. I love the color and the work in the second, as well!
Good to know you were making use of your non-blogging time; I was too!